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MEDDPICC: Beyond the Checklist

MEDDPICC isn't a checklist

How to Ignite Action from Insights

At Brevet we train to MEDDPICC as the cornerstone of effective B2B sales qualification and inspection process. It equips sellers with a framework to uncover critical deal insights – Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Paper Process, Implicated Pain, Champion, and Competition. It also helps majors quickly inspect opportunities and de-risk their forecast.

Unfortunately, we continue to see sales teams falling into traps: treating MEDDPICC as a mere checklist. Many sellers diligently gather information during discovery, only to let it languish – failing to translate their learnings and insights into actionable strategies.

Knowing isn't doing. Information without the right action often leads to a wasted opportunity.

To unlock the true power of MEDDPICC sellers need a toolkit to transform their insights into a series of customer interactions that drives the process forward.

From Discovery to Closed Won: Actionable Strategies from MEDDPICC

  1. Tailor your Value Story: Don't just present facts gathered from discovery. Weave the information that’s been gathered into a compelling value story that resonates with the customer's challenges and aspirations. Highlight the quantifiable impact your solution will have on their key metrics (Metrics). Tailor your message to the Economic Buyer, ensuring it aligns with their priorities.
  2. Champion Alignment: Activate your learnings with your champion (Champion) as your inside advocate. Partner with them to co-create a battle plan. Use the insights you’ve gleaned to align additional stakeholders (Decision Process) or shape the decision (Decision Criteria) in your favor.
  3. Pre-empt the Paper Process: Don't get bogged down by the procurement gauntlet (Paper Process). Leverage Champion and the experience navigating the process to anticipate hurdles and prepare accordingly. Gather and pre-populate any necessary paperwork to minimize stalled or pushed deals.
  4. Solution Tailoring by Persona: The Implicated Pain (customer's core problem) should be the cornerstone of the solution presentation. Too often we see the standard generic marketing slides that aren’t tailored to the use cases or what you’ve already learned. Use your understanding of their specific challenges to tailor your offering, and positioning to ensure it directly addresses their pain points.
  5. Competitive Advantage Arsenal: Use the intel you've gathered on the Competition to differentiate your offering. Consider flanking the competition by expanding their decision criteria or reframing it to better align with the unique strengths and value propositions that sets your solution apart.

The Power of Proactive Preparation

By proactively applying insights from MEDDPICC, you move beyond simply gathering information. You transform yourself into an advisor - anticipating customer needs and demonstrating the value your solution can deliver through the sale campaign.

The Bottom Line: Action Breeds Results

Remember, knowledge holds only potential power. By translating MEDDPICC insights into actionable strategies, you can ignite your sales team. In today's competitive landscape, sellers that drive the right actions from their MEDDPICC discovery are heading to club, while those don’t look for new jobs.

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Author photo Ralph is a partner with The Brevet Group, and for 20 years he has led sales performance teams in the United States and Asia. Recently he also served as a sales leader in both the media and technology industries. Ralph’s work has focused on a unique blend of management consulting and sales enablement to help companies execute their sales strategies. Prior to this role, Ralph was the APAC sales effectiveness leader at Mercer.

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