Do Relationships Still Matter When Retaining Accounts?

Podcast With Guest, Bill Hicks

We have Bill Hicks as a guest this episode. Bill is the Chief Relationship Officer for Ultimate Software. He is responsible for managing Ultimate’s ongoing relationships with 3700+ customers.  Previously, Bill served as Ultimate’s Chief Information Officer overseeing the company’s award-winning IT team. 

Some of what we are covering includes:

  • Do relationships matter as much as they did several years ago as they do today in account retention?
  • How do you enable your team to build these relationships?
  • What sales organizational structure do you use to maximize the value of these relationships?
  • What can an account manager do to build these valuable relationships inside current customers?
  • How important is an account coach or champion inside?

About The Author

Author photo Daniel Perry is a partner at The Brevet Group. He leverages nearly 30 years of experience leading sales teams and helping complex sales organizations become elite performers.

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