Post Merger Confessions of a $200M Company CEO

Podcast With Guest, Phil Saunders


14 Months into a Merger: Phil Saunders covers how he merged two sales departments, pre and post merger issues, healthy paranoia and merging cultures.

This is an nine minute short tip version from Phil Saunders’ interbview from the longer program: The CEO’s Revenue Tightrope: Integrating Two Sales Teams Post Merger or Acquisition

 During this program on Sales Enablement Radio, host Dan Perry (The Brevet Group) interviews Phil Saunders, CEO of Saba Software, the talent management technology company.  

Saunders reveals the ups and downs of integrating two successful sales organizations in their merger with Halogen also a talent management company.  During the interview Phil and Dan discuss:

  • Integrating two great sales teams - post merger.
  • Getting employees to focus on the right tasks during and after the merger.
  • Even the best plans bring surprises.
  • Say, what is healthy paranoia?
  • What could have been better and what went well.
  • Which culture wins in a merger? The answer isn’t what you think!
  • Two must haves:  keeping the best customers and best people during the merger.

About Phil Saunders

Phil Saunders is CEO of Saba Software and serves on the board of directors. A passionate people- and customer-focused leader, Phil is responsible for guiding Saba's vision and strategy across all product and go-to-market functions, business operations, and talent and culture initiatives.

About Saba Software

The average person will spend nearly 100,000 hours of their life working. Saba's mission is to help clients create a work experience for their people that's more engaging, inspiring and empowering — an experience that transforms the working lives of millions and creates more growth and success for every business.

Saba provides the power of 1,000 talent experts focused solely on living that mission, and helping HR leaders transform their people strategy and talent experience, while delivering tangible impact to the business.

About The Author

Author photo Daniel Perry is a partner at The Brevet Group. He leverages nearly 30 years of experience leading sales teams and helping complex sales organizations become elite performers.

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