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Sales Enablement

4 Keys to a Successful Enablement Program Rollout

Too many sales enablement program launches are doomed from the start. The pressure is on for sales ops and enablement teams to get these rollouts right. Smoother adoption, minimal disruption, and faster ROI are critical. There are 4 ways to minimize the pain of a new enablement program launches.


Sales Enablement

How to Maximize Your 2019 Sales Enablement Budget

Investments in sales enablement will improve sales performance. But without a comprehensive approach, most sales enablement plans won’t see the light of day. Sales enablement success in 2019 means leaders must start the 2019 planning process today. Too many are already behind in securing budgets.

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Stop Wasting Your Coaching Time

It's easy to beat up sales managers over the need for more rep coaching. But sales managers are overwhelmed and distracted. The key for sales leadership is to help managers execute more efficient sales coaching activities. Situational deal coaching frees up time while improving effectiveness.

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Sales Enablement Strategy

It's Time for Sales Enablement to Grow Up: Four Steps to Maturity

Sales enablement has exploded, and you could argue it’s nearing the peak of the hype cycle. Early excitement is starting to be met with confusion, disappointment, or even frustration. For some CSOs, there’s a nagging concern that their sales enablement team might not be delivering.

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Sales Enablement

Accelerating Your Deal Velocity: Are You Driving a ’79 Civic?

In modern sales, deal velocity is the name of the game. Our analysis of 2018 deals finds cycle length is slowing. The question, what can sales leaders and reps do about it? Shorten sales cycle length with four targeted actions that are both foundational and advanced, based on emerging research.


Sales Consulting

Confessions of a Fired CSO

Management consultants wear many hats – advisor, change agent, devil’s advocate. Sometimes we find ourselves in the role of therapist. One recently fired CSO sat down for coffee to reflect on his turbulent tenure. He confessed to four regrets that serve as important lessons learned for any new CSO .


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3 Dumb Sales Training Moves Even Smart CSOs Make

We find 3 common sales training mistakes made by many CSOs. Focusing on one way to sell, failing to incorporate live fire practice, and lack of engagement by managers.


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#SalesManagerFails: 5 Risks to Hitting Your 2018 Targets

We've found 5 common sales manager missteps. None of these findings should be surprising. But without a consistent and proactive focus on these items, your 2018 results are at risk.


Sales Consulting

The Trap of a "Perfect" Sales Rep Profile

Most sales leaders have a strong view about what “good looks like” when it comes to sales rep. How many of these qualities accurately depict high performance?

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Advanced Sales Training

Challenging vs. Adapting – The New Winning Approach

Building your entire sales process around a single approach like Challenger is a flawed strategy. High performing organizations use an adaptable methodology.


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Avoid the Self-inflicted Wounds of Sales Enablement

Here’s a hard truth: sales enablement can be its own worst enemy.


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What We Learned at the Sales Enablement Society’s Inaugural Conference

Last week’s Sales Enablement Society’s conference confirmed that sales enablement has arrived and it's making a difference across companies of all sizes.


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Your Sales Methodology is Broken

The Pivot Point sales methodology enables your sellers to adapt the various situations by relying on a modern selling mindset, skillset and toolset.

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Uncovering the Secret to Methodology Adoption

The push for field adoption of sales methodology misses the point. Listen in as Brevet partners discuss this new methodology strategy.


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Unlocking the DNA of Tomorrow's Elite Sales Performers

Hiring sales reps is still centered around the best practices of yesterday. Here are 5 traits sales leaders should look for when recruiting new talent.



What CEOs Don’t Know About Sales Transformations (And How It Can Hurt Them)

Re-engineering the sales function is a massive undertaking. Here are 5 critical factors that CEOs must understand to support a successful sales transformation.



What Every Sales VP Should Know About Their Millennial Salesforce

What Every Sales VP Should Know About Their Millennial Salesforce



Your Current Training Misses the Mark for Half of Your Salesforce

Your Current Training Misses the Mark for Half of Your Salesforce

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5 Unconventional End-of-year Activities to Kick-start Your Sales in 2017

Follow through on some end-of-year activities to assess what you learned over the last 11 months and develop a plan for crushing first quarter sales goals.

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Sales Consulting

How Do Best Practices Evolve Into Common Practice?

How Do Best Practices Evolve Into Common Practice?