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Effective MEDDPICC deal reviews

Deal Coaching

The Deal Review Dilemma: Surface Skimming vs. Strategic Depth

How to bring MEDDPICC to life with stronger manager deal coaching.

Sales Strategy

MEDDPICC: The CRO's Secret Weapon in Uncertain Markets

Here's how to ensure MEDDPICC becomes a cornerstone of your sales team, not just a check list.

Advanced Sales Training

The Must-Haves for a Successful Global Sales Training Program

Before launching a global implementation, take a deep breath. There are significant risks to any global sales training program. Some of the risks are...

modern selling

The Greatest Tool for Getting Deals ‘Unstuck’

Sales organizations are facing slower deal cycles and more losses to no decision. Download this workbook to better equip your Champion for deal success.

Metrics approach

Sales Strategy

MEDDPICC: A Metrics-Driven Approach

Learn how MEDDPICC provides the foundation for insight-driven deal strategy and coaching.

How to Activate Your Customer Champion

sales methodology

How to Advance Complex Deals Right Now

Deal velocity is slowing. No decision losses are growing. There are 4 specific strategies sellers should take to fully activate their Champion to help.

Inspecting and reviewing deals with MEDDPICC

Sales Strategy

MEDDPICC: 3 Things You’re Not Doing That are Must-Haves

Sales organizations are turning towards smarter inspection to navigate a disruptive sales environment. The best are customizing MEDDPICC to drive results.

MEDDPICC isn't a checklist

Sales Strategy

MEDDPICC: Beyond the Checklist

MEDDPICC is much more than a checklist. See how to super-charge deal qualification and strategy the right way.

sales compensation, sales performance

sales compensation

SaaS Companies are Revamping Sales Comp: Here's How

SaaS companies face changing sales compensation trends. We teamed up with SPIFF to discuss new sales comp policies and practices that drive performance.

Sales Kickoff Conference, Sales Enablement

Modern Sales Enablement

Rethinking the SKO: 5 Actions to Take Now

Leading companies are rethinking sales kickoffs. Here are 5 new strategies to turn next year's SKO into a launchpad for the revenue enablement strategy.

sales leader

CSO, CRO, VP of Sales: Which Leader Fits Your Company? Which Fits You?

The CRO is maniacal about customer satisfaction and has clear revenue generation processes and resources to maximize up-sell.

sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Building Trust and Customer Relationships in a Virtual Environment

Most sellers interact with customers over technology, but also rely on in-person moments for relationship building. Seller and customer trust matter.

sales management

sales process

7-Point Checklist to Grade Your Sales Management Cadence

Operating is the easiest trait to learn and most straight forward to implement. It supports sales coaching by structuring team interactions and progress.

Sales Operations

sales operations

3 Essential Considerations When Reconstructing Your Sales Team

When reconstructing your sales team, it's important to focus on the three essential steps of alignment, size, and enablement.

Modern Sales Enablement, Sales Training, Sales Consulting

Company News

New Year, New Beginnings: Brevet Merges with Symmetrics

Navigating change is table-stakes for sellers and managers. We're creating the leading sales consulting, sales training, and sales enablement firm.

Sales Strategy

Death of the B2B Sales Rep?

There are four key components to effective sales strategy that begin to point to significant gaps and opportunities around sales structure and alignment.

Modern Sales Enablement

The 4 C's of Sales Strategy and Restructuring

Decisions related to sales strategy, model, and structure are highly unique to an organization and we can help guide those decisions.

Sales Quota

Sales Training

"Pipelies" – The Sales Pipeline Mirage

In B2B Sales, the sales pipeline is constantly scrutinized to ensure a seller has enough pipeline opportunities to hit quota or goal.

sales management

Do You Run a Sales Team or Just a Group of People Who Report to You?

Do you run a sales team or a group of people who all report to you?


sales compensation

How to Use SPIFFs to Motivate Sales & Drive Revenue

Revenue leaders look for mid-year opportunities for re-energizing sales teams with special incentives and SPIFFS can be a flexible tool for you.

sales management

Top 10 Account Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Why do mature sales organizations still “wing it” with their Account Planning process? Here are 12 common Account Planning mistakes to avoid.

sales operations

6 Strategies for Sales and Marketing Alignment

How can Sales and Marketing work more effectively together? Here are 6 strategies.

State of Field Sales

Brevet Research

State of Field Sales 2021

Top sales organizations are reassessing and innovating every aspect of their field-based sales teams. How is your organization changing?

Account Planning

Sales Strategy

The Chronicles of Account Planning: The Lion, the Whip, and the Chair

Everyone agrees planning is essential to good selling - the one thing you cannot do without. But salespeople thoroughly loathe it.

Sales Training

Sales Leaders: Assess Skills Gaps Now to Avoid Pipeline Issues Later

A mid-year assessment by sales leaders of all sellers on their team can reveal skills gaps that will affect the health of your current year pipeline.

Sales Strategy

Your Post-Pandemic Sales Reset: Top 3 Recommendations

Does your sales organization need adjustment for post-pandemic market conditions or changing priorities? Read more for our top 3 recommendations.

virtual selling

7 Tips to Get the Most Value from Your Virtual Meetings

Here are the best tips and resources we’ve come across to maximize effectiveness of your virtual meetings.

Sales Training

Sales Training

5 Steps to Find Your Actual Cost of Sales Training (Part 2)

U.S. firms spend almost one trillion dollars on their sales forces, including training. Follow these 5 steps to determine your actual sales training costs.

Sales Leadership

Modern Sales Enablement

Confessions of a Fired Chief Sales Officer

Congratulations, you've made it to sales leadership. Learn a few secrets to staying there, including some surprisingly common mistakes made by new leaders.

win planning

Losing is Winning: Leveraging Win Planning to Improve Your Win Rates

How can you improve your sales team's win rate? We share approaches to qualifying opportunities and win planning.

Sales Management

Modern Sales Enablement

When it Finally Clicks: Behavioral Coaching Makes All the Difference

Behavioral sales coaching focuses on diagnosing and improving underlying rep activities vs. inspecting outcomes. Done right, it can transform performance.

sales management

Front-Line Sales Leadership: What Works Now

Most managers already know the importance of sales coaching. What they’re struggling with is how to do it efficiently in today's virtual operating model. 

Sales Leader

Sales Enablement

How Do Sales Leaders Stay Credible and Legitimate?

Leaders are good when they’re willing to learn. This is relevant for sales leaders to remain credible and legitimate.

Virtual Selling Training

Sales Enablement

Virtual Selling vs. Remote Selling: What’s the Difference?

It’s been over a year since sellers started navigating a new paradigm. Virtual selling and remote selling have been used to distinguish the new model.

Sales Management

sales management

Sales Leadership Excellence: A Virtual Master Class

Brevet has partnered with TCU's Sales Center to host a virtual class on modern sales management. Be part of this event and help young sales professionals.

sales leader

Sales Leader's First 90 Days: Dig Deep to Determine Long-Term Strategy

Learn how to dig deep into the sales organization so you can systematically surface the knowledge you need to determine longer-term strategy.

sales leader

Sales Leader’s First 90 Days: Setting a Longer-Term Sales Strategy

This blog describes days 60 to 90 of a new sales leader's 1st 90 days, including identifying alignment issues and building a sales strategy roadmap.

sales process

What Sales Leaders Can Learn from Epicurean Philosophers

What could followers of Epicurean philosophy in 307 B.C. Athens and modern sales organizations have in common? More than you think.

sales leader

Sales Leader's First 90 Days: Learn and Take Action for Early Wins

Learn your new organization enough to start achieving the early wins that are critical to establishing credibility as a Sales Leader in your 1st 90 days.

Sales Strategy

Sales Opportunities: When to Hold 'Em, When to Fold 'Em, When to RUN

Why do sellers waste time on questionable pursuits and how do we focus them on the right deals?

sales process

The Top 4 CRM Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Many companies struggle to drive CRM adoption. Read more to learn the typical reasons for failed CRM implementations and ways to prevent it.

sales leadership

Setting Sales Priorities in a Fast-Changing World

In an increasingly unpredictable market, a well-structured longer-term plan and investment roadmap are critical for managing sales teams successfully.

Sales Leadership

sales leadership

Sales Leaders, Did You Make the Right Decision?

We share perspectives on how sales leaders should balance data and other considerations when making decisions for their business.

sales leader

A Sales Leader’s First 90 Days: Preparing for Day One

Part of our First 90 Days series will help sales leaders cut down on the initial chaos that comes with a new sales leadership role.

sales leader

The First 90 Days for a Sales Leader: A Guide to Success

What should be a Sales Leader's priorities be in The First 90 Days in a new role? We share elements of a First 90 Days Guide for a long-term sales strategy.

sales compensation

New Research: 2020 Sales Compensation Policies & Practices

Brevet and Spiff are launching the 2020 Sales Compensation Survey. Your plan’s policies can have a huge impact on the performance of your sales team.

Sales Coaching

Sales Training

Leadership Counts DURING Training, Too!

Sales leaders possess an incredible power to positively influence teams during sales training events.

Value Selling

Sales Messaging

Show... Then Tell (with Win Themes)

Win themes require more depth and creativity than a value proposition but can be extremely valuable in “showing” your value rather than merely stating it.

sales coaching

Talking to Your Sales Team: Do it More Often, Starting Now

Sales teams under stress require frequent communication. This can be challenging for sales leaders. Here are ideas for regular cadence calls.

Sales Statistics

Sales Enablement

21 Mind-Blowing Stats | COVID Edition

Whether you're a sales rookie or a veteran, these 21 stats on cold calling, social selling & sales training will inspire you to improve the way you sell.

State of Field Sales Survey

Brevet Research

State of Field Sales Survey

Top sales organizations are reassessing and innovating every aspect of their field-based sales teams. How did your sales team adapt to the change?

Sales Strategy

'Transforming' vs. 'Tweaking' Your Sales Force

Many sales training companies use the word “transformation” when they’re only talking about tweaking the existing organization.

sales leadership

Why Newly Promoted Sales Leaders Rise to Their Level of Incompetence

The best sales representatives won’t make the best leaders. This is known as The Peter Principle. Here are the dynamics and ways around it in B2B sales.

Sales Enablement

The Big (Data) Obstacle that Sales Organizations Must Overcome

“Data-driven decision making” continues to be a hot topic. Why do so many sales organizations struggle to fully optimize the full potential of the data?

Sales Leadership

sales coaching

Boosting Sales Coaching: 3 Techniques to Reinforce Selling Skills

Sales leaders have a great capacity to reinforce fundamental selling skills in their teams, but day-to-day demands get in the way.

Zoom Meeting

Sales Enablement

What Your Virtual Sales Meetings are Missing

Virtual meetings were hard in ‘normal’ times. Leading sales teams are raising the bar, turning remote meetings into differentiated sales experiences.

sales process

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Building for the Future

Over the next 10 years, your vision for the sales organization will be crucial.

More Effective Discovery Conversations

Sales Enablement

Now is the Time to Rediscover Your Customers

The market is shifting. Projects are moving forward. Learn how to enable your sales team to take advantage of these changes.

Sales Enablement

The Sales Transformation Dilemma – To Tweak or To Transform?

Does your sales force need a transformation? We provide key considerations and sales force assessment to help answer this for your organization.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

How to Navigate Today's Buying Dynamics

Today's organizational decision-making has dramatically changed. Learn more about the new buyer reality and how your reps should respond to close deals.

Sales Strategy

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Building Your Case for Change

We’ve identified six core components of common customer-facing sales strategies that should be applied internally in selling a sales transformation.

Sales Strategy

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Drivers of a Transformation

The drivers of a sales force transformation often vary across companies and industries, but at the highest level, they fit within several defined categories.

Sales Enablement

Descartes Philosophy: Applied to Modern Sales Challenges

A recent experience attending a flawless virtual conference with 8000 attendees proves that organizations can indeed reimagine and execute what's possible.

Sales Enablement

4 Lessons After 6 Months and 100+ Hours of Virtual Sales Training

After 6 months of delivering 100+ hours of only virtual sales training for clients, our Symmetrics Group team regrouped to reflect on lessons learned.

Sales Compensation Toolkit

Selling in Uncertain Times

Your Sales Compensation Toolkit for Navigating COVID-19

There are many options to address sales compensation risks during this pandemic. These options span from low cost to minor tweaks to radical overhauls.

Sales Training, Sales Organization Investments, Sales Process, Decision-Making

Sales Training

5 Steps to Find Your Actual Cost of Sales Training (Part 1)

This two-part series highlights 5 steps that define cost of sales training and determine the need for custom or off-the-shelf training.

Sales Enablement

7 Hard Truths About Selling Value

Sales teams are continually torn between “we need to sell value” and the customer’s feedback of “we can’t spend that”. Here's how to address it.


Selling in Uncertain Times

What Does Sales Enablement Do During Our Current COVID-19 Situation?

With live meetings and other programs on hold, sales enablement needs to refocus and re-prioritize. Here are the vital few actions that matter most now.


Sales Compensation: Adapting to a New Normal During COVID-19 Changes

Comp and goals are two of the most critical levers at your command in driving sales behaviors. They take on even greater importance in times of crisis.

CRO Needs in Uncertain Times

sales leadership

Guiding Your Sales Team During COVID-19: What Every CRO Needs to Know

Out of periods of uncertainty, there will be winners and losers. Some sales teams will embrace uncertainty and crush their number. Others will be crushed.

sales training

Onboarding A New Salesperson: The Mistake that Lengthens New Hire Ramp

Onboarding a new salesperson is at the top of the “to-do” list for any business that invests in sales enablement.

Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales Enablement

The Most Impactful Sales Enablement Action You’re Not Taking

Your sales reps’ biggest enemy is time. A typical week for a rep includes many time burdens, yes – even sales enablement programs.

Sales Messaging

Rethink Your Definition of a Deal Champion

The concept of deal champion, advocate, or coach has been around a long time. Without question, they're the most important person in modern deal strategy.

cross selling metrics

sales leadership

Why Your Cross-Selling Strategies Aren't Working

Every sales leader has the same complaint: Our reps can't sell other products to current customers. Addressing this takes much more than product training.

Sales Enablement

Creating a Customer for Life in Volatile Times

What if today, you had the means to create relentless, enduring loyalty that your customers will talk about 5 or 10 years from now? Learn how to do it.

Sales Support

Sales Training

Sales Team Support: How to Support Your Teams During a Slowdown

This is a year of maximum risk and uncertainty. Your sales team needs the support to be able to navigate and help their customers through this period.

Sales Enablement Planning

Sales Enablement Ideas: 5 Things That Won’t Happen in 2020

Time for a reality check. There are many sales enablement ideas that will fall short in 2020. Here’s a list of 5 things that won’t likely happen next year.

sales kickoff

The Agenda Item Missing from Your Sales Kick Off (SKO)

A great SKO can set your team up for success. Unfortunately, too many Sales Kick-Offs don't include the critical skills modern sellers need to win.

Advanced Sales Training

Change Management: A Critical Skill Missing from Modern Sales Toolkits

Modern selling has little to do with the seller. It’s about the buyer embracing their decision process about change. Today's best are change consultants.


Strategic Sales Comp

The Diagnosis to Avoid When Evaluating Sales Performance

When results are down, it's easy to point fingers at the incentive plan. But diagnosing the true gaps in your sales model means asking the right questions

Advanced Sales Training

Advanced Sales Training: Rethink Your Team Skills to Win

Your team needs a different type of training. A new model of advanced sales training will turn your reps into elite athletes who win with today's buyers.

Sales Messaging

Sales Content: Cracking The Sales Code

Companies need a strategy for designing, organizing, and managing sales content. This is also the key to a strong partnership across marketing and sales.

High-Performing Sellers

Sales Training

Prepare Your High-Potential Sellers for the C-Suite

Prepare high-potential sellers for the C-suite, as well as provide the added benefit of talent retention.

Advanced Sales Training

Sales Methodology Defined: Buy or Build?

The idea of “sales methodology” has been around for years. Vendors apply the term to their program. Is it better to go off-the-shelf or build your own?

Sales Messaging

The Real Reason Your Reps Don’t Use Your Sales Playbooks

Millions of dollars and countless hours have been spent on sales playbooks. But most end up unused or forgotten. We know why and how to fix the issue.

Sales Enablement

Key Sales Enablement Challenges That Need to Be Tackle in 2020

The sales enablement function has secured a seat at the table. But the work is just beginning to execute activities that measurably impact sales results.

Handling pricing issues

sales methodology

Stop Fumbling the Pricing Conversation

Being asked for a 'ballpark price' too early in the sales process is one of the hardest challenges reps face. Every option a rep faces comes with risks.


sales operations

Redefining Success in Sales Operations Functions

There's a new success profile for Modern Sales Operations Management. It goes far beyond traditional systems and reporting. Few are taking on the challenge


Sales Enablement

How is Your Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Coming Along?

Sales people are measured by how much they sell. Marketing people are measured by how many programs they execute. So how can they work together?

sales compensation strategies

Strategic Sales Comp

Unlock Your Sales Strategy with A Sales Compensation Plan

A sales compensation plan is a great way to bring clarity to a sales strategy, especially a potentially cloudy and undefined one. Learn more.

dark clouds

sales leadership

Recession Proof Your Sales Teams Now

No one wants it but economic downturns happen. As we enter the budget and planning season, now is the time for recession proofing your sales organization.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement KPIs: Time to Step Them Up

As we approach the fourth quarter sales and sales enablement leader have to keep their foot on strategy, tactical help, day to day operations, and KPIs.

Sales Enablement

Flying Blind: Your Teams Are Executing the Wrong Deal Strategy

Without strong situational awareness, your sales reps are probably executing the wrong deal strategy. Learn what to look for -- and what to do next.

Sales Messaging

Build a Sales Experience that Differentiates

What’s it like to buy from a great sales rep? Winning sales teams are focusing on differentiating their sales experience, or SX. But what does that mean?

Sales Enablement

Flanking Strategy: How to Win Against Larger Competitors

In military strategy, flanking is attacking the opponent from the side. It's effective because your competitors strength is concentrated at the front.

Sales Enablement

7 Coaching Strategies to Help Reboot a Sales Rep's Slow Start

The actions your sales teams take in the next 60 days will make or break the year. Here are 7 coaching strategies to help sales reps execute and win.

Advanced Sales Training

Why Aren’t Your Sales Reps Making Their Number?

Traditional thinking about sales skills is dangerously incorrect. Reps with only traditional skills can’t execute a sales experience that differentiates.

sales leader

Team Selling Approach: Death of the Account Executive (AE) Role

The account executive role needs to change. The new team selling approach & the growth in presales roles means AEs need new expertise & support structures.

c-suite selling

Why Your Sellers Aren’t Having Business Conversations

Too many sales reps can’t have business conversations, and it’s impacting win rates and deal sizes. Modern selling starts by elevating the sales dialogue.

consultative selling

Advanced Sales Training

Start Training Your Sales Reps to be Real Business Consultants

To be effective in today’s selling environment you need to leverage the best traits from both traditional product and professional services models.

Roles and Responsibilities

Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales Enablement Roles: Avoid Being the Dumping Ground (and Scapegoat)

Without a clear, consistent definition of sales enablement roles and responsibilities, it's easy for it to become a dumping ground. 5 critical terms for SE

Drive For Results Performance Review

Sales Enablement

Practical Field Activation & Enablement: Drive Focus to Drive Results

Don't abandon your strategic sales enablement plan. Maintain momentum with a focused field activation approach that drives results.

sales operating model

Sales Enablement Strategy

Building the Right Sales Operating Model for Sales Enablement

A sales enablement model defines the core activities and interfaces of the function. It clarifies enablement's responsibilities and workflows.

Sales Enablement

Build a Smart Enablement Plan That Helps Them Hit Their Number

Helping reps make their number means improving sales enablement in three areas: sales coaching enablement, sales tech stack alignment, and business acumen.

Sales Enablement

Emotional Intelligence in Sales: There’s No Crying in Sales… Is There?

Is there a place for the softer skills, including emotional intelligence in sales management? Yes, if you follow these three coaching guidelines.


Advanced Sales Training

Product Training or Skill Training? Both, And!

The question is not product OR skill training. The right strategy is integration of the two, embedding skill and process components into product training.

Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales Enablement ROI: 6 Things to Get Right in Your First 6 Months

New sales enablement leaders are defining standards for success in real-time. So, where do you start? Build your six month sales enablement launch plan.

sales leader

Which Sales Reps Make the Best Managers?

How can you avoid promoting a great rep destined to fail at a sales manager? There are 5 critical factors to consider when internally sourcing this role.

Sales Enablement

Buyer Enablement: Helping Your Customers Buy from You

Despite the recent growth of sales enablement most sales teams have yet to tap into the power of buyer enablement, including the use of champion content.

Advanced Sales Training

Modern Selling vs Traditional: The New Table Stakes

Traditional sales skills are not enough anymore. The table stakes have changed requiring reps to have a new modern selling mindset for customer's needs.

three common missteps

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Solutions: Learn How To Avoid The Top Growing Pains

How can sales enablement continue to mature without being weakened by growing pains? We’ve seen three common missteps - including trying to grow too fast.

missing training

Sales Enablement

Business Acumen: The Sales Training You’re Missing

Improving the business acumen of sales teams should be a priority for sales enablement leaders. Reps need better training, beyond basic selling skills.

Sales Enablement

It’s the Final Days of Q1: Do You Know Where Your Numbers Are?

The end of Q1 is only days away. At the end of each quarter, sales enablement should execute five critical motions: pull data; dive into the details...

Sales Enablement

Facilitating Problem Definition: The Key to Closing Complex Deals

Sellers will fail in complex deals unless they invest enough time in the problem definition stage of the sales process. Here's a framework that works.

Sales Bonus Exodus

Sales Enablement

Avoid the Sales Bonus Exodus

For those in leadership, it’s that time to worry again. Once sales reps receive their year-end bonus, many companies see a spike in voluntary turnover.

sales Pivots

Sales Enablement

Start Sales Pivoting or Continue Losing Deals

Sales pivots are a sales rep’s navigational waypoints along the deal journey. Taking the time to pause to determine the next selling action has advantages.

Sales Enablement

Sales Crediting: Stop Wasting Commissions on the Wrong People

Consensus buying impacts almost every sale, But should everyone on the team receive credit? The 4 critical factors in determining sales crediting the team.

Sales Enablement

Internal Selling: How to Navigate Internally to Close the Deal

The ability to navigate internally is a key success factor in complex sales. Here are 3 skills sales leaders must develop to improve internal selling.

Kids soccer 2

Sales Enablement

More Isn’t Always More: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Team Selling

Effective team selling necessary for today's multiple buyers.. means more than just adding more folks to a team. Consider these six strategic implications.


Sales Enablement

Bad Sales Discovery Meetings Are Killing Your Deals

If a discovery meeting goes bad, it's usually the seller’s fault. The key to an effective discovery meeting is for the seller to act as a facilitator.


Sales Enablement

The Future of Sales: The Death of the Economic Buyer

In the world of complex sales, the concept of the economic buyer is dead. Here's how the rise of the consensus sale is challenging your sales organization.

Podcast With Guest, Phil Saunders


Post Merger Confessions of a $200M Company CEO

The ups and downs of integrating two successful sales organizations in a merger. With Guest, Phil Saunders

Sales Technology

Sales Enablement

The Sales Technology Challenge: How Much is Too Much?

How much is too much sales technology? Amidst the proliferation of sales technologies, what are the questions sales leaders should ask before investing?

Sales Enablement Metrics

Sales Enablement

4 Ways Sales Enablement Metrics Can Make A Difference Next Year

Sales enablement is well-positioned to be a critical driver of sales performance. Here's 4 practical ways that sales enablement can improve things.

Podcast With Guest, Nancy Nardin


Seeing Through the Hype: Making Sense of SE Technology

Sales technology analyst Nancy Nardin, in a unique position to understand and clear the technical fog of sales enablement in this interview.

Sales Enablement

When Sales Reps Need to Call an Audible

Strong situational awareness turns average sales reps into “thinking” reps that know when to call the audible and properly execute a sales process.

Sales Enablement Radio - George Bronten


Starting Strong: Sales Enablement Planning & Budget Strategies

Brevet partners Brian Williams and Ralph Grimse with their guest George Bronten discuss the importance of Sales Enablement planning and budget strategies.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Trends in 2018: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Here are the top sales and sales enablement trends in 2018 as decided by our blog readers: the good, bad, and ugly of modern selling. Start 2019 right.

Podcast With Guest, John Krumheuer


What Every Sales Leader Wants Sales Enablement to Know

The art of sales can get disorganized and off-track without the science and structure of sales enablement. With Guest, John Krumheuer

Sales Enablement

The Art of Sales and Science of Sales Enablement

Sales productivity requires both the science and art of sales. Sales enablement provides the science of sales. When done right, they're a perfect match.

improving under pressure sales

vp sales

3 Strategies to Ensure Your Sales Force Performs Under Pressure

The best sales organizations have reps and managers who can perform under pressure. There are three key strategies for improving under pressure sales.

Sales Enablement Radio


Crushing Your Quota Using Situational Awareness With Guest, Chris Day

We explore how using situational awareness and pattern matching helps ramp new sellers faster and improves sales coaching and enablement. Listen in today!

alone-black-and-white-cool-wallpaper-764880 (1)

vp sales

Sales Leaders: 3 Tell Tell Signs It's Time To Go

The average tenure of sales leaders is 19 months. A chief sales officer has little time to make an impact. If they can't, they're gone and it's time to go.

sales compensation

Setting Sales Quotas: The Universal Afterthought of Sales Leaders

Too often, setting sales quotas is an afterthought. It's one thing reps care the most about, yet it's usually what gets the least amount of attention.

Sales Enablement

How to Use the Holidays to Win Sales Deals

Holidays are a great time to reconnect with dormant clients and reengage prospects that have gone cold. Many opportunities are presented by the holidays.

Podcast With Guest, Patrick Renvoise


The Sequel to the Best Business Book in 95 Years is Released

Renvoise covers three takeaways that every marketer can learn that will change the way they sell and market. With Guest, Patrick Renvoise


Sales Messaging

3 Practical Ways to Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

Sales and marketing need to do a better job of working together. Here are the top three ways we’ve seen sales leaders bridge the sales and marketing divide

Podcast With Guest, Sam Wilson


Inside Sales is Expanding in the Market. Are You Ready?

Inside Sales expanding in the market: Is your team ready? With Guest, Sam Wilson

Sales Consulting

LeBron James Has a Message for Sales Leaders

Too many sales reps miss the fundamentals of good selling. The very best sales reps are like athletes. They spend tons of time in practice and preparation.

Sales Enablement

Champion Selling: You’re Setting Your Champion Up for Failure

To execute a champion-led sale, reps need to focus on the 4 P’s. Partnership, Positioning, Practice, & Process. Working on the P’s is a recipe for success.

Podcast With Guest, Bill Hicks


Do Relationships Still Matter When Retaining Accounts?

Do relationships matter as much as they did several years ago as they do today in account retention? Come enjoy our Podcast With Guest, Bill Hicks

sales enablement technology

Sales Enablement

Getting Real About Your Sales Enablement Tech Stack

We may be reaching the peak of the sales technology hype cycle. There are several key strategies to ensure you make the right sales tech stack decisions.

Podcast guest Mike Kunkle


Sales Enablement: Is it Really Worth the Recent Hype?

What do the most successful companies approach, structure, and implement in a Sales Enablement Organization? Join us with our guest, Mike Kunkle.

Sales Enablement

What Your Reps Really Think About Your Sales Kick Off (SKO)

The annual sales kick-off meeting is a tradition in sales. But too many SKOs are a waste of money and time. Design your SKO to increase productivity.

Podcast With Guest, Phil Saunders


Integrating Two Sales Teams Post Merger or Acquisition

How to address keeping the best customers and the best people during a merger. With Guest, Phil Saunders

sales compensation

Sales Incentive Plans: There's Still Time to Get Comp Right

For those in charge of designing and implementing sales incentive plans, it’s not too late. The window is closing fast, but there's still time.

blog 16

Sales Enablement

4 Keys to a Successful Enablement Program Rollout

Too many sales enablement program launches are doomed from the start. The pressure is on for sales ops and enablement teams to get these rollouts right.

blog 15

Sales Enablement

3 Sales Enablement Trends to Watch in 2019

It's easy to get distracted by the latest sales emablement tools and technologies. Beyond the hype, we see three major sales enablement trends coming.

Sales Enablement Plan

Sales Enablement

How to Maximize Your 2019 Sales Enablement Plan & Budget

Investments in sales enablement will improve sales performance. But without a comprehensive approach, most sales enablement plans won’t see daylight.

Sales Consulting

The Definitive Guide to Key Sales Metrics

Never before has sales had access to so much data. To turn data into insights, look at seven major data elements and related metrics of your sales model.

Chief Sales Officer

Sales Compensation Mistakes That Really Make Reps Mad

The wrong sales compensation design can create unnecessary tension in sales organizations. There are 3 common comp design factors that annoy & anger reps.

how to hit sales target

Deal Coaching

How to Hit Your Sales Target: Are You Already Behind?

Your actions in Q3 and Q4 will determine whether or not you achieve your sales targets in the next year. Learn three distinct pipeline management actions.

selling in recession

Sales Strategy

Selling In a Recession: How to Prepare Your Sales Team for a Recession

A recession is inevitable. Preparing your sales team for a recession requires discipline & rigor. There are 5 steps to take now to be ready for a downturn.

sales leader

Importance of Sales Coaching: Stop Wasting Your Time

The key to sales leadership is to help managers execute more efficient sales coaching activities. Situational deal coaching frees up time.

Sales Compensation Trends

sales compensation

5 Sales Compensation Trends You Should Be Thinking About

We see seismic shifts coming to sales compensation. To help you get ahead, we’ve identified 5 trends that every sales organization should be thinking about

sales leader

Is Your Sales Force Stuck in the 1980s?

Many companies still use sales methodologies rooted in the 80s. But the most successful have adopted a sales process anchored around the buyer’s journey.

hire slow fire fast

sales leader

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

When it comes to hiring in sales, time is your friend. We regularly coach our clients that hiring involves more than gathering resumes.

Sales Retention Strategy

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Sales Retention Strategy: 3 Strategies for Grooming Future Leaders

To achieve a high-performance sales culture, you need a strong sales retention strategy. Such a plan is the key to identifying and grooming future leaders.

Chief Sales Officer

Sales Enablement

What It Takes to be a Chief Sales Officer in Today Sales Environment

The Chief Sales Officer (CSO) role has dramatically changed. What qualified you for the role before no longer applies. CSO Success starts with knowing...

Sales Enablement Roadmap

Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales Enablement Maturity Model: The 4 levels of Maturity

Our view is that evaluating sales enablement starts by understanding where the function is in its maturity. Discover how to reach the 4 levels of maturity

Sales Enablement

Rethinking Sales Discovery Process: Three Ways to Win Deals Early

With prospects still very open to ‘discovery’ activities that deliver real value. This provides an opportunity to get the sales discovery process right.

Sales Enablement

Three Sales Enablement Musts from Senior Leadership

Most sales initiatives lose momentum after a short time. Are Senior Leaders visibly involved? Does the enablement initiative feel like a priority?

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Are You Better with a Nobody or NO body?

Do you understand the true risks of keeping a ‘nobody’ rep in seat vs. temporarily having no body for a particular role? Don't keep poor performers.

Sales Enablement

Field Training Manager: The Missing Link in Your Field Sales Model

Too many of today's sales models are missing a critical component. Once a mainstay, the field sales trainer and managers have all but disappeared.

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3 Strategies for Managing a Millennial in Sales

Different age groups have their own cultural norms. A common question we get is, How do I manage a Millennial? There are three strategies to be successful.


Sales Hiring and Recruiting

Should You Promote Your Top Sales Rep to Sales Manager?

Should you move your rainmaker into the sales manager's chair? When considering promoting a star sales performer into management, tread carefully.

Sales Enablement

Accelerating Your Deal Velocity: Are You Driving a ’79 Civic?

In modern sales, deal velocity is the name of the game. Shorten your sales cycle with four targeted actions that are both foundational and advanced.

Sales Enablement

Why Your Sales Initiatives Never Make It Past the Starting Gate

The fact is most sales initiatives don’t stick. The launch goes well, but soon the tyranny of the urgent takes hold. Equip managers in these 3 key areas.

Sales Enablement

Should You Hire a Recent Sales Graduate or an Experienced Rep?

More than 5,000 students are graduating with a sales major. Over 40 schools offering sales majors will unleash young professionals. Should you hire them?


Sales Consulting

It’s Time to Rethink Your SMB Sales Force

The goal of the salesforce is to execute a set of motions that align with how buyers buy. But most don’t organize their teams this way.


Sales Consulting

Hiring Internally vs Externally. What’s Better?

Over and over we hear the same question from our clients: Should we be hiring internally or externally for this sales position? What’s the best choice?

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Confessions of a Fired CSO

One recently fired CSO sat down for coffee to reflect on his turbulent tenure. He confessed to four regrets that serve as important lessons learned.

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Sales Consulting

All Hands On Deck - A Sales Enablement Leader Gets Us Back On Course

As a sales enablement leader, there are certain actions you must take when it's all hands on deck. To bring the ship back on course, you need a plan.

steinberger hotel

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Something Special Happened at the Steigenberger Hotel

We recently found ourselves at Frankfurt's Steigenberger Hotel as part of our work rolling out a Global Sales Manager Excellence Program. It was magical.

Sales Consulting

Embrace the Messiness of the Deal

If you want your sales methodology to work, you need to embrace that it's going to be messy. There needs to be coaching around situational awareness, and..

Sales Consulting

3 Sales Training Mistakes Even Smart CSOs Make

3 common sales training mistakes made by CSOs. Focusing on one way to sell, failing to incorporate live fire practice, and lack of engagement by managers.

Sales Consulting

What You Don't Know About Motivating Sales Reps Can Hurt You

Today's sales reps aren't entirely coin operated. So managers need to find new ways to keep them motivated. Beyond money, there are at least six ways.

Sales Consulting

Aligning Functions for Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement leaders must align multiple functions, including Product, Marketing & Sales. Busting functional silos & spanning boundaries is hard work.


Sales Strategy

Do You Have the Wrong Go-to-Market Strategy?

The ever-changing market requires an ever-changing go-to-market approach. We believe each market requires a different GTM model.

Sales Consulting

#SalesManagerFails: 5 Risks to Hitting Your 2018 Targets

We've found 5 common sales manager missteps. None of these findings should be surprising. But without a consistent and proactive focus, you are at risk.


Sales Consulting

10 Deal Killers in 2018

To make this year's number, leaders and enablement must prioritize helping their teams avoid these far too common deal killer issues.

Sales Consulting

The Trap of a "Perfect" Salesperson Profile

Most sales leaders have a strong view of what “good looks like” when it comes to sales rep. How many of these qualities accurately depict high performance?

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Sales Consulting

Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement

Sales leaders & enablement teams must avoid some common, but deadly missteps. Taking the wrong perspective is the root cause of these sales enablement sins


Sales Consulting

Three Keys to Keep Your Initiative from Getting Knocked Out After SKO

We started the year with a great Sales Kick Off event. What can we do now to ensure our initiative doesn't get knocked out? Start with these Three Keys.

Sales Consulting

How to Cure the Post Sales Kickoff Hangover With 3 Actions

Sales Kickoff meetings are great, but how do we maintain the momentum when we return to the office? There are 3 actions you must implement to get results.

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Sales Consulting

Setting Sales Goals: Wisdom from Michael Scott

Each year we determine what our sales goals are. To help us master the art and science of goalsetting, let’s turn to an icon of modern sales, Michael Scott

sales enablement vs sales training

Advanced Sales Training

Adaptive Methodology: Challenging vs. Adapting – The New Approach

Building your entire sales process around a single approach like Challenger is a flawed strategy. High performing organizations use adaptive methodology.

why cross selling is important

Sales Consulting

Cross Selling: The Easiest Way to Grow Revenue

Cross selling is the Holy Grail for most companies. Let’s face it, it’s the easiest way to grow revenue. But why do most sales reps struggle with it?

Sales Consulting

One of The Biggest Challenges for Sales Managers: Wasting Time

One of the biggest challenges for sales managers we see across the globe is the misallocation of time. Solving this requires basic time management skills.

New World of Selling

Sales Consulting

5 Things We're Thankful for in the New World of Selling

Sales are becoming increasingly complex, but also increasingly compelling. There are many things those involved in sales should be thankful for this year.

Challenger Sales Methodology

Sales Consulting

How to Survive the Post Challenger Sales Methodology World

Selling has continued to change since the initial challenger sales methodology research. We’ve seen the rise of social selling and new buyer dynamics.

sales enablement team structure

sales transformation

Sales Enablement Strategies: Avoid the Self-inflicted Wounds

A world-class sales enablement strategy is complex and built logically over time. Positioning, sequencing, and aligning the activities correctly is key.

chief revenue officer salary

Sales Consulting

CRO Compensation: 7 Critical Considerations for Incentivizing New CROs

CROs get paid a lot of money and compensating them can be tricky. Here are 7 things to consider when designing the CRO compensation plan.

sales enablement society conference

Sales Consulting

What We Learned at the Sales Enablement Society Conference

Last week’s Sales Enablement Society Conference confirmed that sales enablement has arrived and it's making a difference across companies of all sizes.

Virtual Sales

Sales Consulting

The New Sales Organization — Is Virtual Selling Right for You?

Is virtual selling and a virtual sales force right for you and your company? To determine if so, let’s first define what a Virtual Sales Organization is:

Sales Consulting

What We Can Learn About Sales from Nick Saban

Sales is a lot like football. A well-executed game plan can help a sales rep sell just about anything just like one team can beat another team.

Sales Consulting

Modernize your Sales Enablement with Situational Awareness

In order to fix your sales methodology, your sellers need to recognize the key situational awareness factors that drive their opportunities.

A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Case Study

Sales Consulting

What Does Your Chief Sales Officer Expect of You? | A HPE Case Study

This case study-based presentation will dive deep into how Hewlett Packard Enterprise altered their sales enablement to improve the company as a whole.

Sales Consulting

Your Sales Methodology is Broken

The Pivot Point sales methodology enables your sellers to adapt the various situations by relying on a modern selling mindset, skillset and toolset.

Sales Consulting

Human Resources and Sales Compensation don’t mix well together

Sales compensation is a key component of hitting your quota. Yet most sales compensation plans fall under HR responsibility. This ought not to be so.