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How to Prepare for a Slowdown in 2020

Businesses are entering a year of high risk and uncertainty. Your sales professionals need to be prepared to navigate their customers through this period.

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sales kickoff

The Agenda Item Missing from Your SKO

A great SKO can set your team up for success in the new year. Unfortunately, too many SKOs don't include the critical skills modern sellers need to win.


Advanced Sales Training

Rethink Your Sales Training to Hit the Number

Your team needs a different type of training. A new model of advanced sales training will turn your reps into elite athletes who win with today's buyers.


Advanced Sales Training

Buy or Build Your Sales Methodology?

The idea of a “sales methodology” has been around for years. Many vendors apply the term to their packaged program. Is it better to go off-the-shelf or build your own?


Sales Messaging

The Real Reason Your Reps Don’t Use Your Playbooks

Millions of dollars and countless hours have been spent on sales playbooks. But most end up unused or forgotten. We know why and how to fix the issue.


sales methodology

Stop Fumbling the Pricing Conversation

Being asked for a 'ballpark price' too early in the sales process is one of the hardest challenges reps face. Every option a rep faces comes with risks.


Strategic Sales Comp

Unlock Your Sales Strategy with Sales Compensation

Sales compensation is the way to bring clarity to a sales strategy – especially a potentially cloudy and undefined one.

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Sales Messaging

Build a Sales Experience that Differentiates

What’s it like to buy from a great sales rep? Winning sales teams are focusing on differentiating their sales experience.


sales leader

Why Your Reps Aren’t Having Business Conversations

Too many sales reps can’t have business conversations, and it’s impacting win rates and deal sizes. Modern selling starts by elevating the sales dialogue.


Advanced Sales Training

Start Training Your Reps to be Real Consultants

To be effective in today’s selling environment you need to leverage the best traits from both traditional product and professional services models.


Sales Enablement Strategy

Build the Right Sales Enablement Operating Model

A sales enablement operating model defines the core activities and interfaces of the function. It clarifies enablement's responsibilities and workflows.


Advanced Sales Training

Product Training or Skill Training? Both, And!

The question is not product OR skill training. The right strategy is integration of the two, embedding skill and process components into product training.

Table Stakes

Advanced Sales Training

The New Table Stakes of Modern Selling

Traditional sales skills are not enough anymore. The table stakes have changed – requiring reps to have a new mindset that includes being commercially savvy, a professional guide throughout the buying process, and adaptive to all the customer's needs.


Sales Enablement

It’s the Final Days of Q1: Do You Know Where Your Numbers Are?

The end of Q1 is only days away. At the end of each quarter sales enablement should execute five critical motions: pull data; dive into the details; help the new hires; be able to pivot quickly; and jump in wherever necessary. Sales enablement can drive the right actions and win deals.

Curvy Road

Sales Enablement

Start Pivoting or Continue Losing Deals

Pivots points are a rep’s navigational waypoints along the deal journey. Taking the time to pause to determine the next selling action has three critical advantages in opportunity management.


Sales Enablement

Bad Discovery is Killing Your Deals

If a discovery meeting goes bad, more times than not, it’s the seller’s fault. The key to an effective discovery meeting is for the seller to act as a facilitator. Here are four ways to guarantee a successful outcome.


Sales Enablement

The Future of Sales: The Death of the Economic Buyer

In the world of complex sales, the concept of one, true buyer – the economic buyer – is dead. Here's how the rise of the consensus sale is challenging your sales organization.


What Every Sales Leader Wants Sales Enablement to Know | With Guest, John Krumheuer

The art of sales can get disorganized and off-track without the science and structure of sales enablement.

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Sales Enablement

The Art and Science of Sales Enablement

Sales productivity requires both the art and science of sales. Sales enablement provides the science of sales. When done right, sales enablement owns the elements for long-term, consistent success: the structure, process, content, and scaffolding to help sales leaders drive repeatable wins.


Crushing Your Quota Using Situational Awareness | With Guest, Chris Day

We explore how to using situational awareness and pattern matching helps ramp new sellers faster and improves sales coaching and enablement.