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New Research: 2020 Sales Compensation Policies & Practices

Brevet and Spiff are launching the 2020 Sales Compensation Survey. Your plan’s policies can have a huge impact on the performance of your sales team.

Sales Coaching

Sales Training

Leadership Counts DURING Training, Too!

Sales leaders possess an incredible power to positively influence teams during sales training events.

Value Selling

Sales Messaging

Show... Then Tell (with Win Themes)

Win themes require more depth and creativity than a value proposition but can be extremely valuable in “showing” your value rather than merely stating it.

sales coaching

Talking to Your Sales Team: Do it More Often, Starting Now

Sales teams under stress require frequent communication. This can be challenging for sales leaders. Here are ideas for regular cadence calls.

Sales Statistics

Sales Enablement

21 Mind-Blowing Stats | COVID Edition

Whether you're a sales rookie or a veteran, these 21 stats on cold calling, social selling & sales training will inspire you to improve the way you sell.

State of Field Sales Survey

Brevet Research

State of Field Sales Survey

Top sales organizations are reassessing and innovating every aspect of their field-based sales teams. How did your sales team adapt to the change?

Sales Strategy

'Transforming' vs. 'Tweaking' Your Sales Force

Many sales training companies use the word “transformation” when they’re only talking about tweaking the existing organization.

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Why Newly Promoted Sales Leaders Rise to Their Level of Incompetence

The best sales representatives won’t make the best leaders. This is known as The Peter Principle. Here are the dynamics and ways around it in B2B sales.

Sales Enablement

The Big (Data) Obstacle that Sales Organizations Must Overcome

“Data-driven decision making” continues to be a hot topic. Why do so many sales organizations struggle to fully optimize the full potential of the data?

Sales Leadership

sales coaching

Boosting Sales Coaching: 3 Techniques to Reinforce Selling Skills

Sales leaders have a great capacity to reinforce fundamental selling skills in their teams, but day-to-day demands get in the way.

Zoom Meeting

Sales Enablement

What Your Virtual Sales Meetings are Missing

Virtual meetings were hard in ‘normal’ times. Leading sales teams are raising the bar, turning remote meetings into differentiated sales experiences.

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7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Building for the Future

Over the next 10 years, your vision for the sales organization will be crucial.

More Effective Discovery Conversations

Sales Enablement

Now is the Time to Rediscover Your Customers

The market is shifting. Projects are moving forward. Learn how to enable your sales team to take advantage of these changes.

Sales Enablement

The Sales Transformation Dilemma – To Tweak or To Transform?

Does your sales force need a transformation? We provide key considerations and sales force assessment to help answer this for your organization.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

How to Navigate Today's Buying Dynamics

Today's organizational decision-making has dramatically changed. Learn more about the new buyer reality and how your reps should respond to close deals.

Sales Strategy

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Building Your Case for Change

We’ve identified six core components of common customer-facing sales strategies that should be applied internally in selling a sales transformation.

Sales Strategy

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Drivers of a Transformation

The drivers of a sales force transformation often vary across companies and industries, but at the highest level, they fit within several defined categories.

Sales Enablement

Descartes Philosophy: Applied to Modern Sales Challenges

A recent experience attending a flawless virtual conference with 8000 attendees proves that organizations can indeed reimagine and execute what's possible.

Sales Enablement

4 Lessons After 6 Months and 100+ Hours of Virtual Sales Training

After 6 months of delivering 100+ hours of only virtual sales training for clients, our Symmetrics Group team regrouped to reflect on lessons learned.

Sales Compensation Toolkit

Selling in Uncertain Times

Your Sales Compensation Toolkit for Navigating COVID-19

There are many options to address sales compensation risks during this pandemic. These options span from low cost to minor tweaks to radical overhauls.