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Sales Enablement

The Sales Training You’re Missing

Improving the business acumen of sales teams should be a priority for sales and sales enablement leaders. Reps need better training, beyond basic selling skills. Reps with strong business knowledge – specifically financial and operational acumen – have a huge advantage over competitors.


Sales Enablement

It’s the Final Days of Q1: Do You Know Where Your Numbers Are?

The end of Q1 is only days away. At the end of each quarter sales enablement should execute five critical motions: pull data; dive into the details; help the new hires; be able to pivot quickly; and jump in wherever necessary. Sales enablement can drive the right actions and win deals.

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Sales Enablement

Problem Defined, Problem Half Sold

Sales people will fail unless they invest enough time in the problem definition stage of the sales process. Luckily, we can borrow a tool from academics and researchers to make sure everyone is on the same page: the problem-solution set.


Sales Enablement

Avoid the Bonus Exodus

For those in sales leadership, it’s the time of year to worry. Once sales reps receive their year-end bonus, many companies see a spike in voluntary turnover. So, what can you do to prevent the bonus exodus?

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Sales Enablement

Start Pivoting or Continue Losing Deals

Pivots points are a rep’s navigational waypoints along the deal journey. Taking the time to pause to determine the next selling action has three critical advantages in opportunity management.


Sales Enablement

Stop Wasting Commissions on the Wrong People

Consensus buying impacts almost every sale, and managers have to equip reps to work together internally. It’s definitely a team effort to win the deal. But should everyone on the team receive credit? Read the four critical factors in determining how to credit team selling.

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Sales Enablement

How to Navigate Internally to Close the Deal

Our research finds the ability to navigate internally is a key success factor in complex sales. But surprisingly, this capability isn’t something companies recruit for, train, or coach. Below are three skills leaders must develop to improve rep internal selling effectiveness.

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Sales Enablement

More Isn’t Always More: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Team Selling

Effective team selling -- necessary for today's multiple buyers -- means more than just adding more folks to a pursuit team. Consider these six strategic implications team-selling brings to sales organizations.


Sales Enablement

Bad Discovery is Killing Your Deals

If a discovery meeting goes bad, more times than not, it’s the seller’s fault. The key to an effective discovery meeting is for the seller to act as a facilitator. Here are four ways to guarantee a successful outcome.


Sales Enablement

The Future of Sales: The Death of the Economic Buyer

In the world of complex sales, the concept of one, true buyer – the economic buyer – is dead. Here's how the rise of the consensus sale is challenging your sales organization.

Sales Enablement Radio


Post Merger Confessions of a $200M Company CEO | With Guest, Phil Saunders

The ups and downs of integrating two successful sales organizations in a merger.


Sales Enablement

4 Ways Sales Enablement Can Make A Difference Next Year

We recently polled several dozen senior sales leaders about their sales enablement teams. The key takeaway was that sales enablement is well-positioned to be a critical driver of sales performance in 2019. Here's how.


Seeing Through the Hype: Making Sense of SE Technology | With Guest, Nancy Nardin

Sales technology analyst Nancy Nardin, in a unique position to understand and clear the technical fog of sales enablement in this interview with Brian Williams.


Sales Enablement

When Sales Reps Need to Call an Audible

A standard sales process is key to sales effectiveness. But the best reps know when to call audibles - adaptations to the process. Like the best quarterbacks, reps need great situational awareness so they call the right play at the right time. Sales managers must support and reinforce this approach.


Starting the Year Strong: Sales Enablement Planning & Budget Strategies | With Guest, George Bronten

Time to at least start your planning and budget strategies.

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Sales Enablement

Putting a Bow on the Year: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The year-end for a sales leader is a combination of stress and relief. It's also a time to reflect and plan. Here are the top sales and sales enablement trends in 2018 as decided by our blog readers: the good, bad, and ugly of modern selling. Reviewing the list is a great way to start 2019 right.


What Every Sales Leader Wants Sales Enablement to Know | With Guest, John Krumheuer

The art of sales can get disorganized and off-track without the science and structure of sales enablement.

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Sales Enablement

The Art and Science of Sales Enablement

Sales productivity requires both the art and science of sales. Sales enablement provides the science of sales. When done right, sales enablement owns the elements for long-term, consistent success: the structure, process, content, and scaffolding to help sales leaders drive repeatable wins.

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3 Strategies to Ensure Your Sales Force Performs Under Pressure

The year-end brings increased stress on the sales team. The best sales organizations have reps and managers who can perform under pressure. There are three key strategies for improving your sales team's ability to succeed when the pressure heats up.


Crushing Your Quota Using Situational Awareness | With Guest, Chris Day

We explore how to using situational awareness and pattern matching helps ramp new sellers faster and improves sales coaching and enablement.