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Virtual Selling Training

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Virtual Selling vs. Remote Selling: What’s the Difference?

It’s been over a year since sellers started navigating a new paradigm. Virtual selling and remote selling have been used to distinguish the new model.

Sales Management

sales management

Sales Leadership Excellence: A Virtual Master Class

Brevet has partnered with TCU's Sales Center to host a virtual class on modern sales management. Be part of this event and help young sales professionals.

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Sales Leader's First 90 Days: Dig Deep to Determine Long-Term Strategy

Learn how to dig deep into the sales organization so you can systematically surface the knowledge you need to determine longer-term strategy.

sales leader

Sales Leader’s First 90 Days: Setting a Longer-Term Sales Strategy

This blog describes days 60 to 90 of a new sales leader's 1st 90 days, including identifying alignment issues and building a sales strategy roadmap.

sales process

What Sales Leaders Can Learn from Epicurean Philosophers

What could followers of Epicurean philosophy in 307 B.C. Athens and modern sales organizations have in common? More than you think.

sales leader

Sales Leader's First 90 Days: Learn and Take Action for Early Wins

Learn your new organization enough to start achieving the early wins that are critical to establishing credibility as a Sales Leader in your 1st 90 days.

Sales Strategy

Sales Opportunities: When to Hold 'Em, When to Fold 'Em, When to RUN

Why do sellers waste time on questionable pursuits and how do we focus them on the right deals?

sales process

The Top 4 CRM Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Many companies struggle to drive CRM adoption. Read more to learn the typical reasons for failed CRM implementations and ways to prevent it.

sales leadership

Setting Sales Priorities in a Fast-Changing World

In an increasingly unpredictable market, a well-structured longer-term plan and investment roadmap are critical for managing sales teams successfully.

sales leader

A Sales Leader’s First 90 Days: Preparing for Day One

Part of our First 90 Days series will help sales leaders cut down on the initial chaos that comes with a new sales leadership role.

sales leader

The First 90 Days for a Sales Leader: A Guide to Success

What should be a Sales Leader's priorities be in The First 90 Days in a new role? We share elements of a First 90 Days Guide for a long-term sales strategy.

Strategic Sales Comp

New Research: 2020 Sales Compensation Policies & Practices

Brevet and Spiff are launching the 2020 Sales Compensation Survey. Your plan’s policies can have a huge impact on the performance of your sales team.

sales coaching

Talking to Your Sales Team: Do it More Often, Starting Now

Sales teams under stress require frequent communication. This can be challenging for sales leaders. Here are ideas for regular cadence calls.

Sales Statistics

Sales Enablement

21 Mind-Blowing Stats | COVID Edition

Whether you're a sales rookie or a veteran, these 21 stats on cold calling, social selling & sales training will inspire you to improve the way you sell.

State of Field Sales Survey

Brevet Research

State of Field Sales Survey

Top sales organizations are reassessing and innovating every aspect of their field-based sales teams. How did your sales team adapt to the change?

Sales Strategy

'Transforming' vs. 'Tweaking' Your Sales Force

Many sales training companies use the word “transformation” when they’re only talking about tweaking the existing organization.

sales leadership

Why Newly Promoted Sales Leaders Rise to Their Level of Incompetence

The best sales representatives won’t make the best leaders. This is known as The Peter Principle. Here are the dynamics and ways around it in B2B sales.

Sales Enablement

The Big (Data) Obstacle that Sales Organizations Must Overcome

“Data-driven decision making” continues to be a hot topic. Why do so many sales organizations struggle to fully optimize the full potential of the data?

Zoom Meeting

Sales Enablement

What Your Virtual Sales Meetings are Missing

Virtual meetings were hard in ‘normal’ times. Leading sales teams are raising the bar, turning remote meetings into differentiated sales experiences.

sales process

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation: Building for the Future

Over the next 10 years, your vision for the sales organization will be crucial.