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The Greatest Tool for Getting Deals ‘Unstuck’

Sales organizations are facing slower deal cycles and more losses to no decision. Download this workbook to better equip your Champion for deal success.

How to Activate Your Customer Champion

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How to Advance Complex Deals Right Now

Deal velocity is slowing. No decision losses are growing. There are 4 specific strategies sellers should take to fully activate their Champion to help.

Inspecting and reviewing deals with MEDDPICC

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MEDDPICC: 3 Things You’re Not Doing That are Must-Haves in 2023

Sales organizations are turning towards smarter inspection to navigate a disruptive sales environment. The best are customizing MEDDPICC to drive results.

sales compensation, sales performance

sales compensation

SaaS Companies are Revamping Sales Comp: Here's How

SaaS companies face changing sales compensation trends. We teamed up with SPIFF to discuss new sales comp policies and practices that drive performance.

Sales Kickoff Conference, Sales Enablement

Modern Sales Enablement

Rethinking the SKO: 5 Actions to Take Now

Leading companies are rethinking sales kickoffs. Here are 5 new strategies to turn next year's SKO into a launchpad for the revenue enablement strategy.

sales leader

sales leader

CSO, CRO, VP of Sales: Which Leader Fits Your Company? Which Fits You?

The CRO is maniacal about customer satisfaction and has clear revenue generation processes and resources to maximize up-sell.

sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Building Trust and Customer Relationships in a Virtual Environment

Most sellers interact with customers over technology, but also rely on in-person moments for relationship building. Seller and customer trust matter.

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7-Point Checklist to Grade Your Sales Management Cadence

Operating is the easiest trait to learn and most straight forward to implement. It supports sales coaching by structuring team interactions and progress.

Sales Operations

sales operations

3 Essential Considerations When Reconstructing Your Sales Team

When reconstructing your sales team, it's important to focus on the three essential steps of alignment, size, and enablement.

Modern Sales Enablement, Sales Training, Sales Consulting

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New Year, New Beginnings: Brevet Merges with Symmetrics

Navigating change is table-stakes for sellers and managers. We're creating the leading sales consulting, sales training, and sales enablement firm.

Sales Strategy

Death of the B2B Sales Rep?

There are four key components to effective sales strategy that begin to point to significant gaps and opportunities around sales structure and alignment.

Modern Sales Enablement

The 4 C's of Sales Strategy and Restructuring

Decisions related to sales strategy, model, and structure are highly unique to an organization and we can help guide those decisions.

Sales Quota

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"Pipelies" – The Sales Pipeline Mirage

In B2B Sales, the sales pipeline is constantly scrutinized to ensure a seller has enough pipeline opportunities to hit quota or goal.

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Do You Run a Sales Team or Just a Group of People Who Report to You?

Do you run a sales team or a group of people who all report to you?


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How to Use SPIFFs to Motivate Sales & Drive Revenue

Revenue leaders look for mid-year opportunities for re-energizing sales teams with special incentives and SPIFFS can be a flexible tool for you.

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Top 10 Account Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Why do mature sales organizations still “wing it” with their Account Planning process? Here are 12 common Account Planning mistakes to avoid.

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6 Strategies for Sales and Marketing Alignment

How can Sales and Marketing work more effectively together? Here are 6 strategies.

State of Field Sales

Brevet Research

State of Field Sales 2021

Top sales organizations are reassessing and innovating every aspect of their field-based sales teams. How is your organization changing?

Account Planning

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The Chronicles of Account Planning: The Lion, the Whip, and the Chair

Everyone agrees planning is essential to good selling - the one thing you cannot do without. But salespeople thoroughly loathe it.

Sales Training

Sales Leaders: Assess Skills Gaps Now to Avoid Pipeline Issues Later

A mid-year assessment by sales leaders of all sellers on their team can reveal skills gaps that will affect the health of your current year pipeline.