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Strategic Sales Comp

New Research: 2020 Sales Compensation Policies & Practices

Brevet and Spiff are launching the 2020 Sales Compensation Policies and Practice Survey. Your plan’s policies and practices can have a huge impact on the behavior and performance of your sales team.

Sales Statistics

Sales Enablement

21 Mind-Blowing Stats | COVID Edition

Whether you're a sales rookie or an experienced veteran, these 21 stats on cold calling, social selling & sales training will inspire you to improve the way you sell.

State of Field Sales Survey

Brevet Research

State of Field Sales Survey

Top sales organizations are reassessing and innovating every aspect of their field-based sales teams. How did your sales team adapt to the change?

Zoom Meeting

Sales Enablement

What Your Virtual Sales Meetings are Missing

Virtual meetings were hard in ‘normal’ times. Leading sales teams are raising the bar, turning remote meetings into differentiated sales experiences.

More Effective Discovery Conversations

Sales Enablement

Now is the Time to Rediscover Your Customers

The market is shifting. Projects are moving forward. Capital spending is on the uptick. Learn how to enable your sales team to take advantage of these changes.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

How to Navigate Today's Buying Dynamics

Today's organizational decision-making has dramatically changed. Learn more about the new buyer reality and how your reps should respond to close deals.

Sales Compensation Toolkit

Selling in Uncertain Times

Your Sales Compensation Toolkit for Navigating COVID-19

There are many options to address sales compensation risks during this pandemic. These options span from low cost to minor tweaks to radical overhauls.


Selling in Uncertain Times

What Does Sales Enablement Do During Our Current COVID-19 Situation?

With live meetings and other programs on hold, sales enablement needs to refocus and re-prioritize. Here are the vital few actions that matter most now.


Strategic Sales Comp

Sales Compensation: Adapting to a New Normal During COVID-19 Changes

Comp and goals are two of the most critical levers at your command in driving sales behaviors. They take on even greater importance in times of crisis.

CRO Needs in Uncertain Times

sales leadership

Guiding Your Sales Team During COVID-19: What Every CRO Needs to Know

Out of periods of uncertainty, there will be winners and losers. Some sales teams will embrace uncertainty and crush their number. Others will be crushed.

New Hire Onboarding

sales training

Onboarding A New Salesperson: The Mistake that Lengthens New Hire Ramp

4 Keys to executing effective onboarding. Onboarding a new salesperson is at the top of the “to-do” list for any business that invests in sales enablement.

Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales Enablement

The Most Impactful Sales Enablement Action You’re Not Taking

Your sales reps’ biggest enemy is time. A typical week for a rep includes many time burdens, yes – even sales enablement programs.

Sales Messaging

Rethink Your Definition of a Deal Champion

The concept of deal champion, advocate, or coach has been around a long time. Without question, they're the most important person in modern deal strategy.

cross selling metrics

sales leadership

Why Your Cross-Selling Strategies Aren't Working

Every sales leader has the same complaint: Our reps can't sell other products to current customers. Addressing this takes much more than product training.

Sales Support

Sales Training

Sales Team Support: How to Support Your Teams During a Slowdown

This is a year of maximum risk and uncertainty. Your sales team needs the support to be able to navigate and help their customers through this period.

Sales Enablement Planning

Sales Enablement Ideas: 5 Things That Won’t Happen in 2020

Time for a reality check. There are many sales enablement ideas that will fall short in 2020. Here’s a list of 5 things that won’t likely happen next year.

sales kickoff

The Agenda Item Missing from Your Sales Kick Off (SKO)

A great SKO can set your team up for success. Unfortunately, too many Sales Kick-Offs don't include the critical skills modern sellers need to win.

Advanced Sales Training

Change Management: A Critical Skill Missing from Modern Sales Toolkits

Modern selling has little to do with the seller. It’s about the buyer embracing their decision process about change. Today's best are change consultants.


Strategic Sales Comp

The Diagnosis to Avoid When Evaluating Sales Performance

When results are down, it's easy to point fingers at the incentive plan. But diagnosing the true gaps in your sales model means asking the right questions

additional team solutions

Advanced Sales Training

Advanced Sales Training: Rethink Your Team Skills to Win

Your team needs a different type of training. A new model of advanced sales training will turn your reps into elite athletes who win with today's buyers.