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Podcast With Guest, Phil Saunders


Post Merger Confessions of a $200M Company CEO

The ups and downs of integrating two successful sales organizations in a merger. With Guest, Phil Saunders

Podcast With Guest, Sam Wilson


Inside Sales is Expanding in the Market. Are You Ready?

Inside Sales expanding in the market: Is your team ready? With Guest, Sam Wilson

Podcast With Guest, Bill Hicks


Account Retention: Do Relationships Still Matter When Retaining Accounts?

Do relationships matter as much as they did several years ago as they do today in account retention? Come enjoy our Podcast With Guest, Bill Hicks

Podcast guest Mike Kunkle


Sales Enablement: Is it Really Worth the Recent Hype?

What do the most successful companies approach, structure, and implement in a Sales Enablement Organization? Join us with our guest, Mike Kunkle.

Podcast With Guest, Phil Saunders


The CEO's Revenue Tightrope: Integrating Two Sales Teams Post Merger or Acquisition

How to address keeping the best customers and the best people during a merger. With Guest, Phil Saunders

selling in recession

Sales Strategy

Selling In a Recession: How to Prepare Your Sales Team for a Recession

A recession is inevitable. Preparing your sales team for a recession requires discipline & rigor. There are 5 steps to take now to be ready for a downturn.

Chief Sales Officer

Sales Enablement

What It Takes to be a Chief Sales Officer in Today Sales Environment

The Chief Sales Officer (CSO) role has dramatically changed. What qualified you for the role before no longer applies. CSO Success starts with knowing...

vp sales

3 Strategies for Managing a Millennial in Sales

Different age groups have their own cultural norms. A common question we get is, How do I manage a Millennial? There are three strategies to be successful.


Sales Enablement

Should You Hire a Recent Sales Graduate or an Experienced Rep?

Graduation season is upon us and more than 5,000 students are graduating with a sales major. Over forty universities offering sales majors will unleash a fresh crop of young professionals. And every Sales VP is asking themselves: Should I hire them? What are the risks? Are we ready to take them on?


Sales Consulting

Hiring Internally vs Externally. What’s Better?

Over and over we hear the same question from our clients: Should we be hiring internally or externally for this sales position? What’s the best choice?

steinberger hotel

Sales Consulting

Something Special Happened at the Steigenberger Hotel

We recently found ourselves at Frankfurt's Steigenberger Hotel as part of our work rolling out a Global Sales Manager Excellence Program. It was magical.


Sales Consulting

Do You Have the Wrong Go-to-Market Strategy?

Is your company aware that the ever changing market requires an ever changing (GTM) approach? We believe each market requires a different GTM approach.

Sales Consulting

How to Cure the Post Sales Kickoff Hangover With 3 Actions

Sales Kickoff meetings are great, but how do we maintain the momentum when we return to the office? There are 3 actions you must implement to get results.

Sales Consulting

One of The Biggest Challenges for Sales Managers: Wasting Time

One of the biggest challenges for sales managers we see across the globe is the misallocation of time. Solving this requires basic time management skills.

Virtual Sales

Sales Consulting

The New Sales Organization — Is Virtual Selling Right for You?

Is virtual selling and a virtual sales force right for you and your company? To determine if so, let’s first define what a Virtual Sales Organization is:

A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Case Study

Sales Consulting

What Does Your Chief Sales Officer Expect of You? | A HPE Case Study

This case study-based presentation will dive deep into how Hewlett Packard Enterprise altered their sales enablement to improve the company as a whole.

Strategic Planning Season

Industry News

Strategic Planning Season: How to get your 2018 Number Reduced

Getting your 2018 number reduced isn't as difficult as you think. Get the executive team involved and help them understand what it means for them.

sales process

Sales Consulting

3 Steps To Get Your Reps to Use Your Simple Sales Process

Here are 3 of our most effective strategies for getting reps to consistently execute your simple sales process, a practice that improves sales performance.